25 years in the making

We have been a leader in accessory design, development, merchandising, marketing, production, and logistics for over 25 years. 

About Us

Established in 1997, Putnam Accessory Group is the leading accessory design, product development, production and logistics company for private label headwear and accessories. We specialize in men’s and women’s headwear, knits, socks, both fashion and technical bags, and small leather accessories. Putnam Accessory Group is a global organization with Worldwide headquarters in Los Angeles, showroom and sales office in Boulder, Colorado, and our full-service team in Asia.

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The guy behind all the hats

Putnam Accessory Group’s founder, John had an early interest in fashion and branding. He spent his summers in high school as a stock-boy in a local clothing store on the central coast of California. From stock-boy to salesmen, John found a passion in the fashion industry that he has carried through in all of his successful entrepreneurial ventures.

John’s creative vision and strong knowledge of the marketplace has allowed him to steer the direction of the headwear industry; while being credited with single-handedly beginning the massive bucket hat trend in the late 90’s — after partnering with Disney to manufacture and retail the hats in all of its parks.

John also created and patented the headwear technology Tek Flex, which he eventually sold to New Era, the world’s largest headwear company.

“When somebody feels good about what they’re wearing, and feels that it captures their uniqueness – it’s a catalyst for people to find their own important voice.”

– John Putnam